Answers many questions!

     bullet point Where do people go when they die?
     bullet point Is there a Heaven, a Hell and anything in between?
     bullet point Do demons exist, or are they just a myth?
     bullet point Does everything happen for a reason?
     bullet point If God is good, why does He allow us to suffer?
     bullet point Can dreams or premonitions tell us the future?
     bullet point Are we living in the last days?



“We need to hear voices like Vassula’s. God chooses the common to do the extraordinary.”
Dr. Bob Edgar – National Secretary of the Council of Churches

“Conforms to Gospel truth.”
Cardinal Franjo Kuharic, Archbishop of Zagreb

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Heaven Is Real But So Is Hell!


Heaven Is Real But So Is Hell

I see the supernatural

Imagine if you could peel the fabric separating our world of humans from the world of God. What would you see and hear? What might be revealed? What would you do with what you learned?

Vassula Ryden, in her latest book, Heaven Is Real But So Is Hell: An Eyewitness Account of What is to Come shares prophetic messages foretelling events to come and what is meant by the “End of Times.” Through divine locutions, Vassula has received messages from God, in which He warns a time of trial and judgment is near, yet offers us His Love and salvation, before it’s too late.


Vassula Ryden

five-star-reviewAUTHENTIC! Yvonne Lashuay Michigan – Amazon Reviewer

“I was not able to put this book down! Vassula shares with all of us her experiences with God guiding her every step. All this for us to be drawn closer to an eternal relationship with Him. Thank you Vassula for your obedience and God for your faithfulness and love.”

“I heard a Voice within me saying with tenderness, ‘I am your Father and you descend from Me…you come from Me…you belong to Me…you are Mine…” Vassula



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